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Hi, I'm Benson

I’m a strong believer that when people have the tools, networks and a strong sense of purpose incredible things can be achieved. My website explores practical tools that you can begin to implement into your life, and steps to identify your purpose.

For almost a decade I’ve had the amazing opportunities to meet with inspiring leaders from across the globe, including faith and political leaders, entrepreneurs and softly spoken young people with aspirations to change the world. It has led me to believe three key things:

  1. Humans are hopeful
  2. We like to see each other succeed
  3. We are all stronger together

I have had these three beliefs challenged time and time again, but they continue to hold true. I like to think that beneath these simple statements are common values that transcend race and religion, borders and boundaries and that they tell us an important truth about ourselves, which is that we are all making it up as we go. No one has a road map and all seven billion of us live on a planet hurtling through space without a steering wheel.

This might sound like a flippant summary of our experience, but there is something important here. Put simply, things can change and we can change things.

I like reminding people of this.

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